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HP’s new Wolf Pro Security Edition combines threat containment and malware prevention in a single package for simple IT environments.

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A New Category Of Threats

HP has been leading in PC security for years, providing solutions that protect your device, data, and identity. This protection has been optimized for a variety of industries, applications, and users. The quantity and complexity of threats targeting PCs have grown with increasing intelligence and persistence.

Building on over a decade of security leadership, a new offering—HP Wolf Pro Security Edition1—is prepared to fight these complex attacks.

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Cyber Attacks Have No Boundaries

Cyber attackers no longer target only large enterprises. A growing number of attackers have set their sights on small and micro businesses (SMBs). HP research reports many small businesses may not have the resources or tools to effectively protect their PCs.3

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Protecting small business

Protecting the Small Business

HP Wolf Pro Security Edition addresses the challenges small to medium business may encounter in protecting against cyber attacks—insufficient IT personnel, budget constraints and a lack of resources.

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Threat containment

Threat Containment And Malware Prevention

HP Wolf Pro Security Edition offers triple protection via threat containment (isolation-based virtualization), advanced malware protection (artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning) and credential protection (anti-phishing). The Threat Containment and Malware Prevention technologies are combined into a single integrated package. As threats are encountered via email, the web or a USB memory stick, the malware prevention agent examines file types, web downloads, email file attachments and network activity for malicious content. If malware is detected, HP Wolf Pro Security Edition will ‘quarantine’ the malicious files. The threat containment technology allows the user to open the file in an isolated virtual container for inspection and determine if the file is safe. Closing the file discards the virtual container, along with the malware.

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HP Wolf Pro Security Edition will support the same HP manageability integration kit (MIK) capabilities found in HP Sure Click and HP Sure Sense applications—to provide basic manageability support for the SMB operating with an IT department. The ability to support MIK provides a growth path to the SMB for progressing to a larger, managed environment.

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Wolf Pro Security Edition

White Paper: HP Wolf Pro Security Edition

The evolution of employee workplace and workstyle continues to fuel the quantity and complexity of malware and cyberthreats. This threat landscape has grown intelligent and persistent in the ability to bypass traditional PC security. One successful attack can bring business operations to a halt, resulting in financial impacts that could cripple or destroy a business.