Improving frontline services

Insight can draw upon many years of providing products, solutions and services to Central Government, and passing on its extensive experience of supplying Public Sector and Corporate Markets.

Insight’s Central Government team works with government departments, agencies and bodies to offer cost-effective, innovative and compliant IT solutions that empower organisations to deliver improvements in services to end users and citizens, while ultimately reducing ICT expenditure and environmental impact.

Digital First

With over 12 years of experience in partnering with Central Government organisations, Insight has a proven track record in working collaboratively to support transition from fragmented and legacy outsourcing agreements to support the “digital first” policy.

We help Central Government organisations to show:

  • Hard cost savings
  • Improved frontline services
  • Securing a meaningful return on Social Value

Framework Guide

Framework arrangements are set up by Public Sector bodies (often called Public Buying Organisations (PBOs) with suppliers to provide goods and services according to certain requirements.

Discover Public Sector Frameworks

Client Advocacy

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