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Endpoint protection built exclusively for Mac

Jamf Protect puts the spotlight on Apple, helping security and IT teams with Mac in organizations of all sizes.

Scale your teams through tools that understand the Mac platform. Jamf Protect helps maintain Mac endpoint compliance, address anti-virus needs by preventing macOS malware, control Mac application within the organization, detect and remediate Mac-specific threats, all while maintaining minimal impact to the device and the end-user experience.

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The Jamf approach to securing Mac

Apple built one of the strongest out-of-the-box security platforms on the market, but determined attackers are continuously finding new ways to attack macOS that traditional security tools do not defend against. At Jamf, we believe that effectively securing Mac requires an approach that aligns with Apple instead of forcing Apple to align with existing security for convenience.

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With comprehensive insight into Mac-specific malware, Jamf Protect meets your anti-virus needs by preventing known malware from running on your devices and quarantining them for later analysis.



Defend against sophisticated attacks on your Mac. Jamf Protect provides full visibility into events on devices, even if offline or remote.



The right visibility with minimal end-user impact is key. Get granular insights into your Mac fleet's activities for threat hunting and compliance.



Isolating machines, eradicating unwanted files and getting devices back into a trusted state after Jamf Protect raises an alert is easy and automated.

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