Our expert consultants will guide your organisation to optimise your consumption and commercial positions.​

There is always an opportunity to improve, but it takes time, resource and deep knowledge. Where do you start, what do you look at and how do you go about it? In today’s complex software and cloud environment you need to be both a technical and commercial contracts expert to truly make a difference.

Businesses are increasingly using external consultants to deliver the insight, guidance and expertise, so they can focus on making the decisions to drive down cost, improve efficiencies and achieve a greater return on investment.

We can support across a range software & cloud vendors with a particular focus on Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and IBM.

We help you:

  • Identify areas of risk and build mitigation plans
  • Optimise consumption and commercial positions
  • Create fit for purpose cloud & software contract and commercial strategies
  • Reduce the commercial impacts of audits

Consulting services to optimise consumption and commercial positions across on-premise and cloud software and services​.

Explore our offerings:

Delivering a range of rapid insights

Together, we’ll evaluate your current state to build the business case for change or uncover quick-win savings. We offer day-long workshops or accelerated analytics to solve a single issue or discover improvement opportunities.

Engaging with our experts helps you:

  • Adjust to the latest licensing changes
  • Configure your tools to provide actionable insights
  • Align your IT teams to best practices

Make better, data-driven asset decisions.

By collaborating with your stakeholders, we’ll deliver a clear path to improve your existing and future software strategy.

Licensable footprint

Enhance how you deploy and use software entitlements. We’ll create a detailed picture of your consumption versus entitlements — providing recommendations to eliminate unnecessary licenses, mitigate risk and optimise your future position.

Commercial contracts

Achieve optimal pricing, rights and terms in your commercial structures. We’ll elevate your negotiation strategy with contractual and commercial benchmarking insights that include concession data, discount models and more to achieve contract flexibility.

Supporting your cloud journey

Without the right checks and balances for your cloud solutions, the IT budget can spiral out of control. We’ll reduce complexity, manage costs effectively and plan future cloud sourcing options.

Cloud consulting icon

Cloud consulting

We’ll help you with migration workshops, assessments and policy advice to ensure a successful public cloud adoption.

Subscription optimisation icon

Subscription optimisation

We’ll analyse usage and subscriptions to create a detailed baseline that informs cost and consumption optimisation efforts.

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Intelligent optimisation

To support ongoing improvements, we’ll deliver regular consumption reports and alerts so you can take appropriate cost-saving actions.

Billing services icon

Billing services

Our team will streamline cost management — sending the right invoices to each business unit, department or cost centre.

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Strategic audit defence

Audit requests are becoming regular occurrences — and falling short could cost your business thousands of dollars in settlement fees. Working with our experienced consultants, you’ll get the expertise to mitigate risk during the audit lifecycle.

Whether you’re preparing for the next audit or are in the middle of an audit, we’ll support your organisation at the level you need:

  • Advice on managing the scope and internal resource impact of an audit
  • Scenario analysis and workshops to define the appropriate tactics for your situation
  • Support to address results and reach an acceptable commercial settlement

Let’s do big things together.

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s uber-competitive market. Our unique approach and deep knowledge put you on the path to true innovation.


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