See your network the way your users do

Cisco Meraki Insight, available from Insight, provides actionable data to help you enhance the end-user experience across your network.

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Create happy end users.

Meraki® Insight helps you reduce the time it takes to isolate network problems. The result: happier, productive end users — and streamlined network management.

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Total visibility

Get in-depth views into the ways your end users experience your network.

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Easy management

IT teams benefit from fast troubleshooting and straightforward resolution.

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Progress monitoring

See how applications are trending over time, and better predict challenges.

Optimise the end-user experience.

Fast networks drive innovation, productivity and collaboration. End users rely on every layer of the network journey. But to make the user experience more efficient, you have to consider all factors, from application response times to the software as a service application itself.

Meraki Insight accelerates and improves service — and provides more time for IT to support the organisation’s top priorities.

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Enhanced communication

Voice applications drive collaboration across your network. That’s why Meraki Insight is now equipped with VoIP Health, a monitoring and management tool for your cloud-based VoIP services. You’ll unlock easier troubleshooting, better call quality and improved app performance.

Gathering data

For Meraki Insight to work properly, a collector is needed to gather data. The Meraki MX appliance can be upgraded to serve in that capacity, allowing data to flow through both the LAN and WAN interfaces.

You can quickly understand user response. Each application receives its own performance score. These provide an easy reference to the quality of the user experience, specific to individual web applications.

Dashboard integration

The Meraki dashboard gives you a comprehensive view into how specific applications are performing. That data can help you predict when and where challenges may occur. Share the insights with your team to ensure a quality user experience.

Accelerating your technology adoption journey.

We take a consultative approach to accelerating your IT adoption journey. With a deep understanding of business, technology and workloads, we prescribe end-to-end solutions — from strategy and consulting to implementation, procurement and managed services.

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