Learn how in the eBook Windows of Opportunity: Global Survey Reveals Five Key Trends for Windows 10 Adoption & Migration

New enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities in Windows 10 and the subsequent operational savings are compelling many organizations to move on from traditional Windows management techniques like imaging and patching. Discover the top 5 trends driving Windows 10 adoption and migration, and find out how your team can benefit from a digital workspace strategy.


The Impact Of a Digitally Empowered Workforce

Ever-changing business demands are encouraging us to take bold steps to change current end-user computing approaches to ease experimentation and drive faster innovation, leverage self-service as the progressive engagement model for employees, and deliver outstanding consumer-like experiences . If you already suspect a digital workspace strategy is right for your business but need further proof, the report’s data and key takeaways can help you explain why you should empower your employees first.

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The Future of Rugged Device Management

If your IT organization currently manages rugged devices, or is considering implementing them, you’ll want to pay attention to five key trends poised to shape the future of rugged device management.

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A Simpler, Smarter Approach to Mac Management

Mac devices are making massive inroads across every industry, as more companies offer Mac as a choice. It’s a big change from the early days, when organizations often restricted devices to one vendor.

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Go Beyond Mobile Device Management with a Digital Workspace

Ten years ago, smart devices began taking over the workplace. Employees began using them to get work done anytime, anywhere. IT created BYOD policies and implemented MDM to keep them under control.

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Unified Endpoint Management: Customer Stories

IT is under relentless pressure to support new mobile apps, a proliferation of devices, and a variety of approaches to device ownership—from corporate-owned or shared to BYOD and Corporate Owned/Personally Enabled models.

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Five Critical Steps to Modernize Your Windows Environment

A guide to getting the most out of your
existing investments in Windows and
provide light on your path to Windows 10
for virtual and physical

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VDI and the
Digital Workspace

Modern organisations are made up of different types of people with unique requirements. These individuals are using new devices to access Windows applications and non-Windows applications.

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