As part of a digital workspace strategy, Microsoft Office 365 provides the productivity tools users need and the features they expect. Learn how you can combine Office 365 and other mission-critical applications into your digital workspace strategy.

Think You Need a BYO Strategy?  Think Again.

BYOD strategies have been common in IT organisations for many years. But the explosion of connected devices and applications has dissolved the neat boundaries between business and personal use.

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Expand Your VDI with a Digital Workspace Strategy

As the digital economy continues to evolve, the demands of the workforce are changing, too. IT is under more pressure than ever to deliver a seamless, consumer-like experience anytime, anywhere.

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Secure Apps for the

Gone are the days when the vast majority of employees worked in corporate buildings using stationary desktop systems loaded with applications and operating systems installed by IT administrators.

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How IT Organisations Are Enabling
Consumer-Simple Experiences

Today’s workforce is no longer confined to an office. Across industries, employees are constantly on the move, and need the ability to access resources and applications anytime, from anywhere, is paramount.

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8 Common Pitfalls of App & Desktop Virtualisation and How to Avoid Them

Cloud and mobility are changing the way people work and live - and creating new requirements for the delivery of IT services and a rethinking of management tools and processes.

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