Attacks continue to be successful, taking a bigger toll

Traditional approaches to securing data centers have focused on strong perimeter defenses to keep threats outside the network. Once attackers are inside, it's diffcult to stop them.

Micro-segmentation is the answer

A better model requires an entirely different approach

Micro-segmentation enabled by network virtualization enables these key functions:



No communication across unrelated networks



Controlled communication within a network

Security with advanced services

Security with advanced services

Tight integration with leading third-party security solutions

Network virtualisation makes micro-segmentation possible

Micro-segmentation builds security into your data centre's DNA for:

  • Improved Security
    Micro-segmentation with VMware NSX™ can help stop the spread of malware within the data center
  • Improved Agility
    Because VMware NSX works in software, it enables faster delivery of networking and security services
  • Improved Flexibility
    Create more flexible, and even automated adaption to changing demands and security conditions
HCI Deployment Options

VMware NSX creates a virtual network with security policies tied to your virtual network, virtual machine and operating system

With micro-segmentation enabled by VMware NSX, your data center now has security infused into its operational DNA, so you can:

  1. Create security policies that mirror data center resources, and are not constrained by a physical network topology.
  2. Eliminate costs and ineffciencies of over-subscribing core links by keeping VMs on the same subnet
  3. Create a new VDI policy in minutes while maintaining your existing policies.

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Seven Reasons why

Seven Reasons why

Micro segmentation is powerful to have and painless to add

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Tech Brief: Beyond firewalls and virtual appliances

Tech Brief: Beyond firewalls and virtual appliances

Making micro-segmentation work

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Making micro-segmentation work for you

NSX Case Study with London Capital Group

Making micro-segmentation work for you

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Micro-segmentation builds security into your data center’s DNA

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