VMware Workspace™ ONE™

Workspace One combines identity and mobility management to provide frictionless and secure access to all the apps and data employees need to work, wherever, whenever, and from whatever device they choose.

Workspace One is available as a cloud service or for on-premises deployment.

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The digital workspace -
secure access to all apps in one place on any device

Digital workspace first-movers experience business, operational, and financial advantages while those that wait are falling behind... Game-changing IT depends on businesses adopting a digital workspace that incorporates security and identity management as vital components.

Game-changing IT depends on organisations adopting a digital workspace that includes security and identity management as vital components. With realistic prospects of achieving triple-digit ROI, even businesses that cite obstacles to adoption may want to consider taking another look at business mobility initiatives.

Organisations understand they must rethink traditional approaches to application delivery and management to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world. A consumer-simple, enterprise-secure digital workspace that unifies user, desktop, and mobile device management to deliver business outcomes can be the foundation for business mobility projects directly linked to process change and innovation.

For financial services firms, a secure digital workspace is an ideal way to modernise branch operations and mobilise customer engagement. Digital clinical workspaces unleash the potential of mobile devices in healthcare from doctors updating charts to patients monitoring medications during a hospital stay. The secure digital workspace for retail further personalises omnichannel shopping experiences, presenting offers through in-store kiosks and speeding checkout with endless aisle apps.

A Roadmap For The
Digital Workspace

As the nature of work continues to evolve, organisations face an ever-changing set of challenges. The consumerisation of IT has created a generation of workers who interact with information in entirely new ways.

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Building an Enterprise App Catalog the Right Way!

There’s no question that the workplace has become more dynamic and diverse. Digital disruption is changing the rules of the game for every industry, and companies need to do everything they can just to keep up.

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Prove Yourself - Identity in a
Mobile Cloud World

It’s not news that cloud applications and BYOD initiatives are changing the way IT handles identity and access management. Employees are becoming more mobile as well, and working from a variety of devices. 

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Four Design Considerations For a Digital Workspace Project

Technologies are rapidly changing the way people work and live. People are increasingly comfortable with applications and services delivered in new ways, and these trends are crossing over into the business world.

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Learn more about the Digital Workspace


Four Key Requirements for Building a Digital Workspace

An introductory buyers guide to VMware Digital Workspace.

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Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Workspace

Bringing workers, applications and devices together seamlessly

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VMware Top Tech Tips
PDF Download

Implementing an identity-defined

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4 Pillars Behind the Evolution of End-User Computing

Enter the digital

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What Workspace One Delivers

Consumer Grade Self-Service Access

Once authenticated through the app, employees can instantly access their personalized enterprise app catalogue where they can subscribe to virtually any mobile, cloud or Windows application.

Choice to Use Any Device

VMware Workspace ONE with adaptive enrollment puts the device choice in employees’ hands for the level of convenience, access, security and management that makes sense for their workstyle providing friction-free adoption of BYOD programs while getting IT out of the device business.

Secure Productivity Apps

VMware Workspace ONE includes email, calendar, contacts, documents, chat, and enterprise social that employees want to use while invisible security measures protect the organization from data leakage by restricting how attachments and files can be edited and shared.

Data Security & Endpoint Compliance

VMware Workspace ONE combines identity and device management to enforce access decisions based on a range of conditions from strength of authentication, network, location and device compliance.

Real-Time App Delivery and Automation

VMware Workspace ONE takes full advantage of the new capabilities of Windows and leverages the industry leading VMware AirWatch mobile management system to allow desktop administrators to automate application distribution and updates on the fly.

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