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Try out the latest and greatest technologies from the VMware Software Defined Datacentre stack.

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Our solution architects can provide you with a guided tour of VMware SDDC technologies so you have the knowledge to determine how well these solutions fit into your environment.

We can custom prepare our enterprise-grade sandbox environment to run through any specific use cases you have in mind, tailoring the experience specifically to you, at a time that’s convenient for you.


Request an Insight Demo Lab for:

Product Tours

Product Tours

Get a practical demonstration of VMware SDDC technologies, e.g. NSX micro-segmentation.

Use case demonstration

Use Case Demonstration

Demo a specific use case which requires validating to your custom criteria.



We can walk through a test process in the lab, for example an upgrade procedure such as vSphere 5.5 -> 6.5.

Emerging technologies

Emerging Technologies

We can help you to understand how new technologies such as vSphere Integrated Containers can work for you.

Why use the Insight Demo Lab?


No Risk to Your Environment

Test, evaluate, break and fix outside of your own environment, for secure peace of mind.

Access to the Latest Technologies

Insight’s close partnership with VMware grants us access to the latest solutions, so you can benefit too.

Collaborate with a Solutions Architect

Lab demos led by our Specialists are interactive, with two-way engagement, and knowledge sharing.

Flexibility to Test What You Want

The Insight Demo Lab can be customised to your requirements, for highly specialised tests/use cases not covered by the likes of VMware’s HOLs.

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