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With decades of experience, our consultants have a combination of previous Oracle working experience as Oracle Sales and auditors. Our vast knowledge of Oracle audits mean you have the ability to tap into this expertise whenever you come under audit, along with our team of sales consultants being able to advise on what elements of your software estate or how to negotiate the best contracts with Oracle. Our commercial consultants can also advise on what sort of agreement options are available to your company but also tell you which terms Oracle are willing to negotiate on.

Licensing Consulting Services for Oracle

Insight have had many requests from clients facing Oracle challenges with licensing, contracts, audits and negotiations, so this consulting practice has been created with the purpose of supporting you. These consultancies are completely independent of our license resale business and work under strict NDAs in every client engagement.

Insight has created a unique service offering which combines world class expertise in licensing and commercial undertakings related to Oracle. Our consultant all have multi-year experience working for Oracle, combining that with working as consultants supporting our clients worldwide.

Insight operate on either a fixed fee basis, or success fee where there is no charge if we don’t save you any money. Client references are available upon request. Please contact us at Oracle-LCS@Insight.com

When can our team help you?

Insight can help any client facing a licensing, contractual, audit, or negotiation challenge with Oracle. With a wealth of previous Oracle working experience, our team can support you and your team with your next Oracle interaction.

Why partner with Insight?

Our team of consultants has detailed, first-hand experience of Oracle licensing, having previously worked within Oracle as sales or licensing specialists. That insider knowledge, along with our proprietary database of historical licensing transactions, gives our customers a significant advantage when negotiating their own license deals. 


Insight Oracle License Consulting Service

Licensing Consulting Services for Oracle

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