Environment Legislation – Ireland

1. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations

In accordance with Insight's obligations as a Distributor  under the WEEE Regulations 2008, we are required to make the following information available to users of EEE in Ireland.


A consumer (private user) has a number of options to discard old ICT equipment, free of charge.

You can dispose of equipment under the Regulations by offering the equipment at the appropriate waste collection point (reception point) or by arranging to have your equipment collected (obligation to collect). The municipality is responsible for the separate collection of discarded equipment from private households (article 10.21 of the Environmental Management Act).Alternatively you may contact  ICT Milieu  e-mail: ICT~Milieu to arrange collection of equipment exceeding 250kg.

You can also contact the appropriate manufacturer or return your equipment  to Insight's Office where it will be disposed off in accordance with local legislation.

Note: The manner in which the separate collection is arranged differs per municipality. Information, such as the address and opening hours of the waste collection point, can be found in the municipal guide or the website of your municipality.


A business (corporate disposal) can discard ICT equipment in two ways.

Offering the discarded equipment to a corporate waste collector. The corporate waste collector shall pass on the costs for collecting and recycling the waste to the disposing business.

A business can also request the manufacturer/importer to take the discarded equipment back and to have it recycled. The manufacturer/importer is obliged to organise the collection and recycling and with this in mind the importer of Equipment in the Denmark have joined up with ICT Milieu at e-mail: ICT~Milieu  in compliance with their obligations to register as a Producer. A business may contact the manufacturer direct to request particulars of the manufacturer's disposal procedures.

With regard to equipment which entered the market prior to 13 August 2005, the costs are at the expense of the corporate party disposing of the goods.

A business wishing to discard equipment cannot go to the retailer or the municipality.

2. Battery Legislation

Under the Batteries Disposal Decree in 1995, producers and importers of batteries have formed an organization called Sibat. Through collection fees paid to Sibat by industry members, local authorities finance battery collection at municipal facilities and retail outlets.

Please discard your batteries by either contacting Stibat direct or otherwise batteries can be properly disposed of free of charge at dedicated bins at some municipal facilities. 

Batteries can be returned  to Insight's Office and will be discarded in accordance with local legislation.

3. Packaging Decree

On 1 January 2006, the packaging, paper and cardboard management Decree (Packaging Decree) came into effect. The Decree replaces the Packaging Covenant. By virtue of the Decree, all businesses are responsible for preventing, collecting and recycling packaging for products they bring onto the market in Denmark. In addition, the business sector must bear the costs for the separate collection of packaging (paper, bottle bank, etc.) produced by households and businesses.

Packaging can be properly disposed of free of charge at local packaging collection points or in dedicated disposal bins available in some municipalities.

Please contact Insight Customer Services for further information on  takeback options.